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Q International School

Q International School


Name: Q International School
Type: Language School
Location: San-Diego, Florida
Form of study: Full-time
General focus: English and exam preparation
Tuition fee: 260-510$

Q International School teaches English and prepares students for the exams more than 15 years. The School is truly international – it is possible to meet students from all the world. The major goal the School has is to inspire students to reach their goals and to get academic skills on the highest level.

The School prepares students for important exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and others. Those exams are necessary for the future studies in the Universities. Moreover, the School has various courses for those, who would like to improve English skills and to use English for different purposes.

Tuition fees and programmes:

Programme Lessons per week 1-12 weeks

(fee for a week)

13-24 weeks

(fee for a week)

25+ weeks

(fee for a week)

ESL 1-6 18 260$ 235$ 220$
Fundamental English 18 480$ 480$ 480$
Academic English 26 510$ 510$ 510$
Business English 22 325$ 325$ 325$
TOEFL 22 440$ 440$ 440$
IELTS 22 440$ 440$ 440$
GRE 22 440$ 440$ 440$
GMAT 22 440$ 440$ 440$

Living costs and accommodation:

Living in a host family: own room (a bathroom can be shared) + breakfast+dinner

Service Fee
Application fee 220$
Own room + breakfast and dinner 250$ per week
Own room + 3 times meal 375$ per week
Deposit 250$


Vantaggio State Street is located in the central part of San-Diego city/. It is on the same street where the School is located. Nearby students can find different cafes, restaurants, beach, shops and other places for the entertainment.

A room has a small refrigerator, microwave, phone, TV. There is a Wi-Fi in the lobby, a big shared kitchen on the main floor and a study room.

Service Fee
Application fee 100$
A small room 355$ per week 35$ cleaning
A small rom with a big bed 380$ per week 40$ cleaning
A big room 370$ per week 40$ cleaning
A big room with a big bed 440$ per week 60$ cleaning
Double-room (shared) 440$ per week 60$ cleaning
Conterminous room (shared) 675$ per week 30$ cleaning


Vantaggio Broadway is located not far from the city center – 25 minutes walk from school and 10 walk from the transport. All the apartment are furnished. There is a big bed in the room; fully equipped kitchen; TV, internet, phone and a parking place.

Service Fee
Application fee 100$
Studio 485$ per week 60$ cleaning
One bedroom apartment (small) 570$ per week 70$ cleaning
One bedroom apartment (big) 620$ per week 80$ cleaning
Two bedroom apartment 670$ per week 100$ cleaning


Vantaggio Gaslamp is located in the historic building. There are cafes, restaurants, shopping centre, night clubs not far from the accommodation.

Each room has own private bathroom, TV, microwave, desk, chair, towels.

Service Fee
Application fee 100$
Loft 485$ per week 60$ cleaning
Double (for two) 500$ per week 60$ cleaning
Eco (up to 4) 640$ per week 100$ cleaning
Conterminous room (shared) 775$ per month/per person 30$ cleaning


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