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Work and Travel

About Work and Travel program

Work and Travel is one of the most popular and massive exchange students programs in the whole world. More than 100 000 students around the world have took their chance to travel work and learn English. Work and Travel offers students recruitment in the public service sector – restaurants, amusement parks, hotels and national parks and many other positions.

Work and Travel program is a great chance to combine work with and seeing new places, meeting new people and getting the most miraculous experience in the life. Students have a possibility to live for several months in very different atmosphere and get an enormous amount of positive emotions, as well as, to get unique experience. The other benefit students will get during Work and Travel program is learning and improving their English skills.

In order to start work in the United States students need to get visa J1. This visa is temporary and allows a person to stay in US up to 6 months, after this period expires; a person has to leave the country immediately. Usually, Work and Travel program lasts up to 4 months (the whole summer period). It is possible to stay for one more month in the United States and to travel around the country, which is a very common solution for the students, who have already joined Work and Travel.

Job offers:

Amusement park worker Driver Painter Master wood Customer service
Banquet server Food and Beverage seller


Ski lift operator


Pizza deliverer Repairperson


Accountant Phone operator Doorman Cook assistant Maintenance


Barman Entertainer/Animator Security Guard Administrator Merchandyser
Bus driver Gas Station Attendant


Ski instructor Concierge Waterpool worker
Constructionist Laborer Ticket Sales Hostess Secretary
Cook assistant Master attendant


Tile Waiter assistant Souvenir seller
Receptionist Janitor Massonry


Cook Painter
Dish washer Seller Waiter Lifeguard Gardener

The documents are needed to apply for a program:

  • sponsor international representative or employer
  • SEVIS 35$ (has to be paid before the interview in embassy)
  • job offer agreement
  • insurance
  • passport
  • inquire from the University that you are a full-time students
  • 4 photos (photo requirements: colored, light background; not older than 6 months; size 50-60mm; without photoshop; you cannot wear hat or sunglasses on the photo)
  • CV and cover letter
  • consular fee J1 160$

The necessary requirements to apply Work and Travel program:

Usually, Work and Travel program lasts from May until September. There are different rules for citizens of different countries. The major rule in order to apply for the program is to be a student of a full-time degree program. You can apply for Work and Travel if you are 18-23 years old, in some cases it is possible to apply until 28 years old. You cannot join the program if you study on the last year.

Students have to prepare and apply all the necessary documents before 4 weeks of the program’s start. It would be useful to carry around 800$ with you for the living costs during the first month. Moreover, a student has to entitle an account statement, which proves that you have enough funds to live in the United States.

Country Opening date Closing date Duration Notes
Latvia 1st May 31st August 4 months Visa waiver country
Lithuania 8th May 15th September 4 months Visa waiver country
Kyrgyzstan 1st June 31st August 3 months
Tajikistan 1st July 30th August 2 months
Estonia 15th May 15th September 4 months Visa waiver country
Kazakhstan 25th May 1st September 3.5 months
Uzbekistan 1st June 1st October 4 months


A salary may vary according to the State and the position you have applied for. The average salary is 7,25$ per hour. It is remarkable that Work and Travel program allows students to have more than one job position; however, a student has a commitment towards the first employer.